The Golden State Of America

California, also known as The Golden State, is a place of rich geography and human diversity. Many factors have shaped America’s history, including its most populous state. California wasn’t perfect but always did the right thing for its citizens. California’s turbulent history was not without its ugly and corrupt past. California is unique because of its diversity and uniqueness.

American businessmen Leland Stanisland, Collis P. Hunterington, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker are most well-known for their work on the first American Transcontinental Railroad. It had a tremendous impact on California. There were many benefits to the Railroad, such as creating jobs and faster and more efficient travel. They were needed by the citizens and made it possible. Without them, there would be no railroad or trade. They were heroes or villains depending on your opinion, but The Big Four did many good things for society. For example, they helped to build schools and parks. The Transcontinental Railroad helped in the development of trade, and brought settlers, faster transportation/travel, and population growth. The railroad can still be used today to transport goods or passengers. It has also changed how transportation works. Their ultimate goal, however, was to see California thrive. That is exactly what they achieved. California’s Gold Rush was a pivotal event in the country’s rich past. The Gold Rush had a positive and negative impact on many people. It was hard to find gold during the gold rush. People from all over the globe came to California to find opportunity. California’s diversity was due to its Gold Rush. Although many people wanted to become wealthy quickly, the majority were unsuccessful. But the Gold Rush played an important role in shaping the economy, business, made an everlasting impact on industrial/agricultural development, and the development of key cities such as San Francisco. People came over to seek gold in the gold rush, but they were instead able to find a new home.

The U.S. is not an easy place to live for Asians or Japanese Americans. All Asian immigrants were subject to racism, economic burden, injustice, and bigotry. The U.S. allowed immigrants to work on farms and mines. Whites were resentful that they had to accept lower wages. The U.S. War Department believed that Japanese Americans might be traitors and spies, even though there was no tangible evidence. Because of his hostility to Japanese Americans, the U.S. government rounded him up and sent him to prison camps with 120,000 Japanese Americans, citizens, and aliens. All the Japanese were sent home and relocated to their respective countries. This caused hatred and racism. Although the concentration camps did not atrociously inflict as many as the Concentration camps, the history of the country’s respect for cultural differences and civil rights is still a disgraceful one. Learn from the mistakes of the past to realize that patriotism can only be achieved by working for a society that promotes “liberty, justice, and equality for all”.

California has had its own themes, such as the Big Four and the Gold Rush. California has been through many changes, and although I disagree with some of these events, I still believe that California is a great place.



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