The Religious Symbolism In Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

In everyday life, the symbols of religious and biblical scriptures are easily hidden like a book that has no seams. It is not common for people to be able to recognize religious symbols or signs. Music, movies, books, and art all depict religious symbols. Don and Jin Chang, the founders Of Forever 21, were known for hiding John 3:16 on their bags. Of the verses and illustrations in the bible, many are favored towards God. But rarely the former. The Devil is in the details. We must be open to all the hidden messages that society has. “Where Are You Moving?” is a hidden collection of symbolism and Biblical allusions. “Where have you been?” Arnold Friend is the antagonist and the Devil symbolizes it. Arnold Friend is the Devil’s main antagonist, according to the text. His “disguise”, exterior appearance, and behavior are all part of his godawful portrayal.

The story begins with Connie, the protagonist, being a young, two-voiced girl. There is one version at home, and one when she’s not. Her mother would always make her feel guilty about not being the same as her sister. June, Connie’s little sister, has a calm, steady nature. Connie was raised by a single father. He worked, ate, and went to sleep. It appears that Connie has been isolated. The Devil can be intrigued by loneliness when he is isolated. Connie’s actions (like lying about where she was headed after being dropped off at her father’s house) and spending hours in the company of eddie really revealed who she was as a non-innocent young girl. The Devil is Connie’s first encounter. It was due to bad intentions. When “Without Eddie noticing any” is spoken, it reinforces our point. Connie is the Devil’s only target. It makes sense since she is the only one who can spot him. Arnold Friend drove into Connie’s driveway in a shiny, gold convertible car. The Devil’s greedy nature and vanity is represented by the Golden jalopy. This illustrates that greed can be a dangerous vice. This can be related to “The Devil and Tom Walker”, an allegory which warns against greed and the pursuit for material gain. Sinful acts are punishable by death, and wealth-oriented souls will be subject to the Devil’s control. Arnold’s car also shows the numbers 33, 19, 17 These numbers refers back to Judges verse 19, verse 17 of the Bible. Joyce Oates, the author, supports the idea that Arnold is the Devil by this verse. “When he looked at the traveler in a city square, the old gentleman asked, ‘Where is your destination? Where are you from ?'”.?

Connie uncovers truths about Arnold’s appearance and Arnold’s “disguise”. Arnold attempts to present himself as a young “boy”. These tricks are often used by teens to convince them that he is a real man. This trick was inspired by seeing connie at the drive-in, where older children usually hang out. “The driver was wearing metallic glasses and they mirrored everything at a miniature scale.” Eddie and Arnold both wear sunglasses in order to hide the fact that their eyes are dead. It would be strange to have a person with cat-like eyed at your front door. Connie also notices his shaggy, shaggy hair. The wig is intended to disguise his red horns, and he does not wear it to look normal. His nose has a hawklike appearance, which is similar to that of the Devil. Arnold stumbles in greasy leather boots as he approaches the front door. Arnold’s boots do not fit him. His feet don’t reach the end of his shoes. His face looked like a child’s, his eyebrows seemed narrowed, and his eyes were “Thick as if black tarlike material was applied to them.” This is a clear indication that he has cat-like Devil eyes.

Arnold Friend is a symbolism name. It’s in his name. You could take the “r” from the name and leave the words surrounding you as they are. The result would be “An Old Fiend”. Arnold has trouble uttering faith words. “But even that “Christ” sounded forced.” It is no surprise that mentioning religious names and idioms can be difficult. This creates a feeling of challenge to the lord, something that the devil should not do.

The Devil is smart and skilled, with many years of experience in dealing with humanity and society. Satan is more powerful than anyone and stronger than any angel. Arnold knew Connie was the daughter of Connie’s parents. He also knew that Connie was named Connie. He is “guessing” her identity and tells us, “It’s Connie.” His strength is his ability to find information. Arnold lifted his sign out of the air. It seemed as though it was still lingering. Ellie is a perfect example of a “Right Hand Man”, who follows the devil. Faust tells the German story of a man who refuses to be satisfied with life and eventually becomes Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is the final straw. He will condemn those who have been condemned and make little effort. Much like Mephistopheles, Ellie represents him quite well.



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